‘Final Fight’ boss Abigail to join ‘Street Fighter V’ roster

The ludicrously large brawler Abigail will join the roster on July 25th.

The EVO 2017 championship -- which is the premier, annual tournament for fighting games -- took place this weekend. The event culminated in the Street Fighter V finals, which saw Japanese god Tokido battle through the loser's bracket with his signature Akuma to defeat American Karin main Punk and take this year's title. That wasn't all the crowd had to be hyped about, though, with Capcom using the occasion to reveal the next SFV DLC character and first addition from the Final Fight franchise: Comically oversized brawler Abigail.

The Final Fight series never really took off in the same way Street Fighter did, but it's not exactly a dead franchise. Interesting characters from the old games, such as Guy, Cody and Rolento, have joined the roster of several Street Fighter titles. Abigail will be the first bruiser of Final Fight origin to appear in SFV, though, which has thus far been populated by returning Street Fighter characters or entirely new ones. Abigail was a non-playable boss in the Final Fight games he appeared in, so this will be his first ever appearance on the character select screen. He's also the first Canadian combatant to be playable in any Street Fighter title.

Abigail and his Metro City Bay Area stage will be added to SFV on July 25th. He's the fourth of six new DLC characters dropping as part of the Season 2 roster update, which started with Akuma at the end of last year. SFV hasn't exactly made the splash Capcom would've hoped, but Street Fighter will never not be popular among the competitive fighting game community and eSports fans alike. Adding new and previously unplayable characters, as much as everyone hates DLC, at least keeps the game fresh for casual players, and mixes up the meta for the professional contingent.