Lightroom for iOS adds 3D touch-powered selective brush tool

The Android version also got a facelift.

If you're into editing photos on your mobile device, you probably have the (free!) iOS or Android version of Lightroom. Today, Adobe announced quite a few new changes to the iOS edition of the app.

The most exciting update is the selective brush, a feature users have been asking for. With it, you can selectively change and enhance parts of your image. For users with 3D Touch or the iPad Pencil, you can increase or decrease the effect simply by how much pressure you apply (or don't) to the screen. You can also erase both radial and linear gradients selectively.

Lightroom's interface has also been completely redesigned for iPad, as Adobe acknowledges that more and more photographers are leaving their laptops behind in favor of tablets. The goal is to take advantage of the larger screen of the iPad Pro without sacrificing performance. Users also can fine tune photographs even more in the new Details tab, with added global control over sharpening and noise reduction.

Android users, don't worry: Lightroom hasn't forgotten about you. They've rebuilt the entire app from the ground up to make it faster and more efficient, as well as to make it actually look and feel like an Android app. Both iOS and Android updates are available for download now.