Amazon's Treasure Truck of deals is going on tour

Traveling across the nation loaded down with discounts.

Who doesn't like a deal? Amazon is pretty sure everyone does, so it's taking its retail presence on the road this summer with its Treasure Truck. "At Treasure Truck, we hand-pick our favorite new, trending, local or delicious items, load them on the Truck, then cruise around town spreading joy for everyone with a smartphone and an appetite for fun," Amazon writes.

The promo started in Seattle and is zigzagging growing to new locations across the country, with Amazon teasing everything from discounted headphones to steaks. If you sign up, you'll get a text notification with what's on offer that day. From there, you buy it in the Amazon app and then can pick it up at the truck.

Based on past events, it looks like Amazon goes all out on these truck stops. Be it with oysters and shucking lessons, free pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream or a trip to Brazil in honor of last year's Olympic games, there was a lot going on. Oh, and deals. Right. Last February Amazon marked the price of the GoPro Hero4 down by a whopping 64 percent.

Update: To be clear -- this isn't a temporary promotion. Once the Treasure Truck sets up shop in your town it will be a permanent fixture, just check the FAQ.