Android's phone app automatically shows GPS info during 911 calls

It'll display your location coordinates, your current address and a map.

deepblue4you via Getty Images

A lot can happen during a car accident. Between the initial shock from the impact, airbags going off and general disorientation, when you reach for your phone to call 911 you might not know where you are. Couple all that with cell phones' notoriously flaky ability at transmitting your exact location information to emergency service operators, and getting an ambulance to the scene of your accident can be incredibly difficult. To help sidestep that, Google has updated its Phone app to automatically display your location when making a 911 call.

As 9to5 Google reports, the location card will show your current address, a map and even you latitude and longitude coordinates. Your device needs to be running Android Marshmallow or higher to take advantage of the new features. More than that, it looks like this could be tied specifically to Android One, Nexus and Pixel handsets.