NBC's twice-daily Snapchat news show is live

'Stay Tuned' is news for the smartphone era.

If you're reading this, there's a real chance that you don't turn on the TV (if you even have one) when you're looking for news -- you're more likely to check the web or a favorite mobile app. And NBC News knows it. The network is launching a twice-daily Snapchat news show, Stay Tuned, to keep the smartphone crowd up to speed. Each 3-minute clip is effectively a condensed, slightly more "youthful" take on a conventional broadcast. The show isn't talking down to viewers, NBC says, but you will see Snapchat-like captions for recorded quotes and other attempts to match the style you expect on the service.

NBC veterans Gadi Schwartz and Savannah Sellers are hosting. You'll normally see new videos at 7AM and 4PM Eastern, but Stay Tuned will be flexible. You may see breaking news or special reports.

This is Snapchat's first daily news show, and reflects just how important Snapchat has become as a platform (even with Facebook's attempts to steal its thunder). It's at least as important for NBC and other broadcasters, though. This is an acknowledgment that there may be an entire generation that won't regularly watch NBC video so long as it's confined to TV or news-specific online sources. Daily Snapchat news shows could keep news giants like NBC in your mind when they'd otherwise be kicked to the curb.