Snapchat's custom Stories put you in control of curation

Because we needed more reasons to whip out our phones during special events.


Sure, Facebook and Instagram have been copying the crap out of Snapchat's Stories feature, but the ephemeral messaging app still remains one step ahead. For now, anyway. Snapchat is maintaining its lead by continuing to tweak its service and today unveiled a new custom Stories tool that will let anyone create a collection and control who sees it.

Right now, Snapchat users can only post to their own Stories with no way of sorting them, and clips are arranged chronologically. With the new custom feature, you can create a collection after taking a Snap, by selecting "Create Story" on the screen where you choose where to send it. Then, you can pick who gets to add to and view the story, and you can also choose to geofence the Story to a location. Stories disappear if no one has contributed to them in the past 24 hours.

The updates should roll out in about a day to iOS and Android users, according to a Snapchat spokesperson. The company said in a blog post that custom Stories will be perfect for special events such as baby showers and weddings or, based on a video for the tool, that incredibly spontaneous girls' trip with your impossibly glamorous squad.