'Terminator 2' UHD Blu-ray comes with a life-size robot arm

Nope, this thing won't strangle you in your sleep. N'uh-uh.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is one of the best action movies of all time. It's also consistently been a great piece of reference material for home theater geeks who like showing off just what their fancy audio and video gear is capable of. Well, this fall writer-director James Cameron's classic will be released on UHD Blu-ray. With it comes HDR video, a new 4K restoration and, if you feel like dropping $175, a life-size T-800 endoskeleton arm replete with Cameron's signature. Yep, like the one John and Sarah Connor tossed into a vat of molten steel at the movie's end.

If you can't justify picking up one of the 6,000 that'll be produced (which is entirely understandable), there will be $23 combo pack with the UHD Blu-ray, HD Blu-ray and a download code. Both versions come with a new documentary featuring Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger ("Uncle Bob"), Edward Furlong {"John Connor") and other cast members.

Sure, $180 is a high price to pay for a tchotchke, but if you slept on the last time there was a T-800-styled special edition, it's actually a bit less expensive. The six-disc Blu-ray edition with a chrome skull is currently going for $330 on Amazon from third-party sellers. Practice telling that to your significant other now, and by October 3rd you might actually have a shot at convincing him or her the UHD set is a worthy investment.