'Terminator 2' is returning to theaters in 3D

Come with me if you want to live... and bring your stereoscopic glasses.

Let's be honest: no matter how many times studios try to revive the Terminator franchise, its peak is (and possibly always will be) Terminator 2: Judgment Day. And James Cameron knows this too, it seems. The director is teaming with DMG Entertainment and Studiocanal to release a digitally remastered 3D version of Terminator 2 in summer 2016. It's a bid to cash in on the movie's 25th anniversary, as you might have guessed, but it's also about bringing Ahnold's blockbuster to audiences that might never have had a chance to watch on a big screen. China never got the original run, for example.

So long as Cameron stays true to what made T2 successful, he and his partners stand to make a tidy profit. His last 3D remaster, Titanic, made a total of $343 million worldwide in 2012 -- not bad for a 15-year-old flick. Terminator may not rake in that much cash, but something tells us that Cameron probably won't regret reviving another classic.