Strava's new Premium perks will insure your phone while you ride

Sundays Insurance will fix or replace your phone if it's broken in a crash.

LC via Getty Images

Strava makes a popular tracking app for workout warriors, however many cyclists have questions about whether its $60 per year (or $8 per month) Premium package is worth the cost. Features already include personalized feedback, analysis and more, but if that's not enough it's adding new Perks. Those include discounts on things like shoes from New Balance, body wipes, energy gels, coaching services and so on. The most interesting perk, however, is from Sundays Insurance, which will reimburse the cost of your device -- up to $600 -- if it's damaged in an accident while you're recording data with Strava.

It covers other things too, like $50 for a taxi in case of an accident or breakdown, and you'll want to read the terms & conditions (PDF) carefully to see exactly what it covers, but it's an unusual benefit for an app subscription. Add-ons like bike or travel insurance can be purchased separately, and as points out, there are other insurers available for your ride like USA Cycling, which charges $50 per year.