MetroPCS customers can use T-Mobile's scam-fighting tools

They identify suspected predatory calls and, optionally, block them outright.

Shortly after the FCC revealed its plan to fight robocalls, T-Mobile introduced two anti-scamming tools back in March to alert customers to shady calls. Now, the carrier is giving MetroPCS users the same treatment, making Scam ID and Scam Block available for free on July 25th.

Scam ID works a bit like caller ID: If a call comes from a number the network suspects is predatory (cross-referenced with PrivacyStar's database of known scammers), the customer's phone will display a "Scam Likely" alert. If they don't even want to take the risk, users can turn on Scam Block to prevent those shady calls from making it to their device. T-Mobile has already identified and flagged or blocked 273 million of these calls, according to the company's press release. Given how obnoxious robocalls are -- and how much money they can cost the unwary -- any effort carriers make is welcome.