Google Play discounts TV seasons if you already own episodes

iTunes and Amazon Video already offer this feature.

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Swapna Krishna
July 28th, 2017
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If you own a few episodes of a TV show and would like to purchase an entire season, Google Play just made it a little easier on your wallet. You can now purchase a complete season of a television show at a discounted price if you already own individual episodes.

The lack of this feature up until now has been puzzling, as competitors iTunes and Amazon Video both have offered it for some time. To take advantage of it, you must be on the web or in the Google Play Movies & TV app on Android, Roku or Smart TVs. It's not available on iOS devices. Once you locate the season of the TV show you'd like to buy, you should see the lower price.

Not every show is eligible, and you can't combine this discount with a promotion. Additionally, while you can use this for both SD and HD, the price of HD episodes you bought will not apply towards purchasing a full season in SD. However, if you own SD episodes, you can complete your season and your standard episodes will automatically upgrade to HD quality.

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