Multiplayer VR is about to look much more realistic

OptiTrack's new sensors promise more natural animation in virtual spaces.

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Multiplayer VR is imperfect, especially on a large scale. Body tracking tends to be quite limited, so it's not uncommon to see generic animations and herky-jerky movements from your fellow players. OptiTrack hopes to fix that. It's launching body sensors that promise whole-body skeletal tracking in VR arcades and other multiplayer venues. Attach it to your hands and feet and you should get accurate positional tracking that reflects more natural movements, such as aiming a weapon or peeking around a corner.

To no one's surprise, this isn't something you're about to pick up for home use. It wouldn't be as vital there as it is, since the room-scale tracking for the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift is frequently good enough. However, it could be important the next time you don a headset at a dedicated venue. While it won't necessarily be fun to strap sensors to your body, that added immersion could be enough to justify a repeat visit the next time you're looking for some virtual thrills.

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