Amazon adds Alexa voice control to Prime Photos for Fire TV

No need to manually dig for photos you want to see with your friends or family on a big screen.

You don't have to dig for old pictures anymore if you're looking at them using Fire TV. Amazon's Prime Photos app now supports Alexa, which means you can bark voice commands at the app instead. To fire up the app on a television, tell your Fire TV Stick "Show my photos." That's only one of the things it can do, though. It can also show files your specify, such as images you added last year ("Show my photos from last year") or ones compiled in an album ("Show my birthday album").

You can also tell the stick to play a slideshow or to show you your family's shared images in your Family Vault. If you just want to see images featuring a specific person, like your child, significant other, mom, dad or anybody you regularly snap pictures of, just say "Show me pictures of [their name]." Prime Photos on mobile has facial recognition capabilities that group images based on who's in them. So long as you label the person in those photos, the voice command will work. As the app's name implies, though, these commands are only available if you're a Prime member and only if you've already added files to your account through a phone or a computer.