Bring your own SNES cartridges for the Supa RetroN HD

Plus, it might be easier to find than the SNES Classic.

The upcoming launch of Nintendo's SNES Classic has turned up the hype on 16-bit nostalgia, and Hyperkin is ready to seize the moment. The company already builds several consoles built for retro gaming, and now product designer Chris Gallizzi tweeted this image of the Supa RetroN HD. Hyperkin's $160 RetroN 5 already plays SNES games (as well as other classic systems), but a pared-down clone will probably be simpler, might not need to run Android and may be cheaper, just like the $40 RetroN 1 HD for NES games.

Of course, Nintendo's official retro system arrives September 29th with never-before-released StarFox 2, and much more. But with this system (if you still have your original cartridges) you'll probably be able to play more games. We don't have any details on when it might be available other than "soon" or for exactly how much, but when we do hear something we will let you know. Just keep that in mind for another option in case your SNES Classic pre-order plan falls through.

Here are a few specs for the system: