Swarm redesign shows just how much it knows about you

It's easier to share where you've been, too.

Foursquare's Swarm check-in app has catered to lifeloggers before, but never quite like this. The location-centric company is launching Swarm 5.0 for iOS (Android is coming in a few weeks) with your trip history as its focus. The check-in map is now at the very heart of the app, making it easy to see where you've been. You can share it, too, if you want to keep your friends up to date. There's also a revamped profile that gives you a better view of your many achievements, whether it's your ongoing check-in streaks or the number of unique places you've visited. You can even see places you have yet to mark on your 'bucket list.' It's a bit disconcerting to realize how much info you've volunteered to Swarm, but this is a big help if you're trying to remember the last time you visited a given restaurant.

This also promises to be a more social app... if you want it to be. You should have an easier time keeping up with your friends' check-ins, and you can search for friends, visited categories and history. There is a change to Swarm's longstanding stickers, though. Now, the only way to upgrade your stickers (and claim that sweet, sweet multiplier bonus) is to check in enough times to unlock higher levels.

Yes, this is yet another tweak to Swarm's mission since its split from the Foursquare app. However, you could say that this is more honest. Lifelogging is one of the biggest reasons to use Swarm outside of the endless one-upmanship from its game component, and it's now at the heart of the app. The sticker change is also helpful for boosting Swarm's usage numbers. Since you have to check in to unlock sticker levels, you may be more likely to check in whenever you swing by a location, even if it's your third visit that week.