HBO hacking woes continue: this time on social media

Don't get your hopes up for another leaked 'GoT' episode, though.

HBO just can't catch a break. The cable network got hacked again, though this time, the perpetrators targeted its social media accounts. A hacker group called OurMine took over the company's Facebook and Twitter accounts not to ask for millions or to steal more GoT episodes, but to "test [their] security." OurMine is known for targeting high-profile social accounts and even got Netflix's and Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter accounts in the past.

[Screencap taken by BBC]

In OurMine's posts, it asked the HBO team to contact them to "upgrade [their] security." It's unclear what happened behind the scenes -- an HBO spokesperson declined to comment when Variety asked -- but the posts have since been deleted.

HBO has been going through a tough time way before OurMine joined the fray. A group of hackers infiltrated its system in July and asked for a $6 million ransom for draft scripts of five Game of Thrones episodes, some exec emails and bunch of documents and passwords. A Star India subcontractor also leaked episode 4 of the show's current season. More recently, HBO Nordic in Spain accidentally released episode 6 way before its August 20th broadcast date.