A live-action reboot of ‘The Jetsons’ is headed to ABC

The network ordered a put pilot of the Robert Zemeckis-produced show.

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The Jetson family is coming back to television. ABC has ordered a put pilot for a live-action reboot of the animated series, Variety reports. The show is said to be a multi-cam sitcom set 100 years in the future and the project is being executive produced by Robert Zemeckis and Jack Rapke while Gary Janetti -- who has written for Family Guy and Will & Grace, among others -- is set to write.

The original series aired from 1962-1963 and was revived in the mid-1980s. It's also been given the feature film treatment twice with the 1990 Jetsons: The Movie and The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!, which was released this year. Another animated Jetsons film is currently in the works via Warner Bros. and Sausage Party and Shrek 2 co-director Conrad Vernon.

That ABC has ordered a put pilot means the The Jetsons is likely to get picked up. There's no word yet on casting.

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