Delta tests customer service video chats to field your complaints

Rage about missing your connecting flight to a human you can see.

Delta is certainly trying to update its tech to join the 21st century. This summer, it's tested replacing boarding passes with fingerprints and checking baggage by scanning passengers' faces. But the airline's next advance is kind of an old-school dream: Airport stations that let customers video chat with a service representative.

Delta has opened up a test kiosk of five screens in Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) for customers to chat with an airline representative on everything from reservations to feedback. The design also lets you type out messages if you feel better ranting over text. In other words, it's the same kind of text-and-video customer support that online companies have been doing for years.

Delta will review the kiosk's usefulness before building more of them, but at least folks suffering travel difficulties could access these right in their terminal. It beats angrily tweeting the airline when things go south.