Sony Music taps Dubset to monetize samples in remixed songs

The deal allows legal use of Sony-owned content on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

It's tough enough for artists to make sure they're paid for every stream of their songs, but what about remixes? There is a system in place from Dubset called the MixBank Rights Management Platform, and it helps rights holders identify samples in songs that belong to them. Apple Music and Spotify already use the platform to help pay sampled artists for their contribution to streaming remixes. Sony Music has just opted into the system, making it the first major label to use Dubset's platform. This enables Sony to manage its massive catalog and monetize the use of samples on streaming services.

Dubset's Mixbank platform helps identify sampled music within the complex audio field of a DJ remix set, which can have hundreds of samples per set. DJs who use Mixbank are freed up from having to find out which samples were cleared for use on streaming services, too.

Dubset currently claims that it has deals with 14,000 labels and publishers, but Sony is the first major label to join up. "Hundreds of millions of music fans are streaming DJ and remix content, and labels, publishers, and performance societies need robust solutions for managing the use of their catalogs within this massive category of under-monetized music, Dubset CEO Stephen White told Billboard. "We are honored that Sony Music has selected Dubset to help identify and unlock the value in these uses of their catalog," said White.

Update: A Dubset spokesperson to say that the company has 35,000 labels signed up, instead of the quoted 14,000.

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Sony Music taps Dubset to monetize samples in remixed songs