Lucha Libre will stream 'Triplemania XXV' on Twitch

Watch Dr Wagner Jr and Psycho Clown's epic smackdown live.

Triplemania turns 25 this year, and in keeping with its adrenaline-pulsing theatrics you'd expect it to do something pretty special to celebrate, which is why fans will be able to bypass pay-per-view and watch the whole thing live on Twitch. Showcasing what is arguably the match of the decade, between Dr Wagner Jr and Psycho Clown, Triplemania XXV will be broadcast with commentary in English and Spanish, with a "best of" Triplemania marathon leading up to the main event. Viewers can play with wrestling-themed emojis, and the sport's biggest stars will take to Twitch's chat function to rile up their fans.

"We have recently seen the Twitch community rally around wrestling content since the sport is also entertainment-driven with engaging personalities and supported by passionate fans," said Emett Shear, CEO at Twitch. "With AAA Worldwide being among the industry's biggest wrestling organizations and lucha libre holding a special place in pop culture, our involvement with Triplemania XXV marks a fun and fascinating milestone." The Triplemania pre-show marathon on Twitch starts on August 24 at 3pm PDT, with the live broadcast of Triplemania XXV starting on August 26 at 5pm PDT.