You can use your own iPhone to get Virgin's $1-a-year plan

The plan will cost $50 a month after a year.

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Mariella Moon
August 24th, 2017
Will Lipman
Will Lipman

Looks like Virgin Mobile is on a mission to sign up as many iPhone users as it can. The carrier has just announced that you can now bring your own iPhone and enjoy its $1-a-year subscription offer. When the company began exclusively catering to iPhone users in June, it only offered that deal to a limited number of people buying their devices from the carrier itself. According to Virgin CEO Dow Draper, though, the carrier has expanded the offer's scope, because it understands that "many love their current phones or don't want to upgrade yet."

Virgin's $1 plan comes with unlimited talk, text and data, though your connection may slow down after you've used 23GB within a month. What happens to your plan after a year? Well, you'll have to start paying a more standard amount -- $50 a month -- though you can get six more months of service for a buck if you get a new phone.

If you're on the fence, don't wait too long to decide: the sub-Sprint carrier is only offering the deal for "a short period of time." Take note, however, that Virgin Mobile's "Inner Circle" SIM for the iPhone only works for the 5s and newer models. You can check your device's eligibility on Virgin Mobile's website, though you'll most likely have to buy a new one if you have an older model. Once you've confirmed that your model is compatible with the plan, you can order Virgin's Inner Circle SIM. As a nice bonus, you can get the SIM for free until September 29th, after which one will cost you $25.

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