Skype’s interview feature pairs video calls with a code editor

The real-time editor lets interviewers test candidates’ programming skills.

Skype recently launched a preview version of a new feature that could be appealing to people who conduct technical interviews online. Now, while on a video call, Skype users have the option to simultaneously use a real-time code editor through the platform's new Interviews site.

There are some limitations. Your browser has to be set to English and the code editor only runs through Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers. But the editor supports seven programming languages -- C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby -- and has built-in syntax highlighting to help users spot errors as they work. Users can also be tested on multiple programming languages at once.

As TechCrunch points out, there are other options for real-time code editors, such as HackerRank, CodeVue and Codility. But incorporating the editor alongside the video call makes for a simpler process that doesn't require users to jump between multiple apps.

The feature is currently just in preview and Skype is urging those that try it out to provide feedback. It hasn't said when we can expect it to be fully launched or when it might be available through the Skype app.