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The Morning After: Tuesday, August 29th 2017

Fitbit made its first smartwatch.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to Tuesday. We're swapping out trade shows and investigating the case of Japan's broken internet.

Ten years in the game.Fitbit's new Ionic smartwatch and Flyer wireless headphones

The first true smartwatch from Fitbit is here, along with a pair of wireless headphones built for working out. Cherlynn Low gave the $300 Ionic a try and found it surprisingly well-rounded. Building on the company's years of experience with wearables, it has a surprisingly robust OS and battery that goes for days. Unfortunately, the Flyer wireless headphones didn't have the same impression, failing to justify their relatively high $130 price.

Here's what stood out at Europe's biggest gameshow.The hits and misses of Gamescom 2017

Now that the show is over, our editors are ready to share what they liked (The Evil Within 2) and didn't like (Xbox One X, Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time) at Gamescom.

Get smart.What to expect at IFA 2017

Gamescom ends and IFA begins. The big European electronics show kicks off in just a few days, so we'll get you up to speed on what to expect. Phones, watches, speakers -- they're all getting smarter and more connected, and we'll find out exactly how, in Berlin.

Oops?Google accidentally broke Japan's internet

A mistake on Google's end caused ISPs like Verizon to send traffic headed for Japan to its network instead. It was fixed within an hour, but on Friday afternoon nearly half the country experienced connection problems.

Take a peek at what might have been.NVIDIA Shield 2 prototype shows up in a Canadian pawn shop

A Redditor found the unreleased follow-up for NVIDIA's Shield handheld in a strange place.

For collectors only.Nintendo launches special 'Pokémon' and 'Fire Emblem' bundles

Nintendo has just announced a special FE Warriors edition for the Switch and a Veteran Trainer's dual pack that includes both new Pokémon games.

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