Logitech's latest no-lag wireless gear includes a mechanical keyboard

You can ditch more cords without sacrificing gaming performance.

Logitech's ultra-low lag wireless peripherals are quickly expanding beyond mice. It's introducing two more peripherals that take advantage of its Lightspeed tech, including its first keyboard. The G613 (above) has the mechanical switches that many gamers prefer in a keyboard while offering the virtually undetectable 1ms latency inherent to Logitech's. If you combine this with a Lightspeed-equipped mouse, you're theoretically eliminating two wires without losing your edge in twitch-happy games. Thankfully, there's a new mouse on offer as well.

On the surface, the G603 mouse looks like a lower-cost alternative to the G703 and G903 with a relatively plain five-button layout. However, it's the first Logitech gaming mouse to include the new High Efficiency Rated Optical (HERO) sensor. The upgrade promises an extremely high 12,000DPI sensitivity (with no acceleration or smoothing) while offering just shy of 21 days of battery life. So long as you have even a modest charge, you shouldn't have to worry about your mouse conking out in the middle of a gaming marathon.

The G613 won't be a trivial expense when it ships before the end of August for $150/£130. However, the G603 is definitely a bargain over its pricier counterparts at $70/£70. In other words, Logitech just lowered the price of entry for Lightspeed -- you don't need to drop $100-plus to see if the concept works as well as promised.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed