'No More Heroes' sequel hits Nintendo Switch next year

Travis Touchdown is back and badass as ever.

Suda51 and the snarky, over-the-top, ultra violent titles he makes -- like the Wii's No More Heroes and the more recent free-to-play experiment on the PS4, Let It Die -- are some of the best gaming experiences around. During Nintendo's live stream focusing on indie developers Wednesday morning, Nintendo revealed a brand new title from the auteur, Travis Strikes Again, which is coming to the Switch in 2018. There's even a new fourth wall-breaking trailer here, which sets up the new game's story.

In the video, a masked villain confronts No More Hero's Travis Touchdown, claiming to be the father of one of the assassin's victims and interrupting Travis' play through of Hotline Miami. There's a charming moment when the camera freezes on Travis' Unreal Engine T-shirt as a caption says that the game is being developed using "Unreal Engine 4: the noble and pedigreed middleware from Epic Games." The scene resumes as the unnamed assailant cries foul at the obvious pandering to gamers. It's an epic Suda51 moment.

During the livestream, Nintendo's Head of Partner Management Damon Baker said, "just as the battle begins, the two men are inhaled by a phantom game console," which will be their only way out. Players will battle through six different levels, each with its own boss. The levels will be created by Suda's studio Grasshopper Manufacture in collaboration with different indie studios — can we hope for the developer of Hotline Miami's to be involved?