Jaguar makes first hire through Gorillaz mixed-reality app

And it’s looking to hire more.

In June, Jaguar Land Rover launched its code-breaking recruitment puzzle in the Gorillaz mixed-reality app in order to attract new talent to its team and fast-track successful players through the interview process. Today, the company has announced that it has made its first hire through the app and he'll be joining the company next month.

So far around 41,000 people from 35 different countries have taken the app's recruitment challenge and over 500 have cracked the code. Jaguar has interviewed around 50 candidates so far. Daniel Dunkley, a 23-year-old UK resident is the first hire. He left school at 16 and taught himself the software skills that landed him the job.

Gorillaz guitarist and Jaguar Land Rover ambassador Noodle said in a statement, "Think big and do better, my motto. Stop putting those filters on your food and download this app immediately. The first hire has happened, so get involved and win!"

The challenge is still available through the Gorillaz app and Jaguar is actively looking to hire. Interested applicants can also head to Jaguar Land Rover's London-based Tech Fest September 8th through 10th to try their hand at a recruitment puzzle at the festival's pop-up Gorillaz garage.