Razer's FPS-oriented mouse comes with a thumb 'clutch'

It can be used for push-to-talk, picking up items and turning on a dime.

Razer's Basilisk, a high-DPI mouse meant for first-person shooter gaming, has an interesting new gimmick: a clutch. Positioned for your thumb, it lets you press and hold it to do tasks like change the DPI for more speed (the default setting), pick up items or push-to-talk. That should let you multitask a bit better while still firing a weapon or maneuvering.

Razer says that you can "switch between high DPI close-quarters fighting and low DPI precision shooting," depending on whether you're using a handgun or a sniper rifle, for instance. You can swap in clutches of two different lengths, depending on your hand size, or install a rubber cap if you don't want to use the clutch at all.

Otherwise, the Razer Basilisk (yes, Razer names its mice after reptiles) should be a solid gaming mouse, particularly for FPS games, thanks to the 16,000 DPI sensor borrowed from the Lancehead Tournament Edition model. It also has a dial that lets you adjust the scroll wheel resistance to fit your preferences. It's now available at Razer's online store for $70.

Razer Takes Aim At FPS Market With Customizable Basilisk Mouse (PRNewsfoto/Razer)

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