Technics' SP-10R is its latest high-end throwback turntable

This isn't for the Crosley crowd.

If you thought Technic's SL-1200 reissue was expensive, you haven't seen anything yet. Meet the SP-10R. Technics calls the throwback deck its "most premium turntable ever" and its 7kg (almost 15.5 pounds) brass, rubber and aluminum platter drives that claim home even further. "By optimizing the natural frequency of each ayer, external vibrations are thoroughly suppressed resulting in a beautifully clear and crisp audio experience," a very technically-worded press release says.

You might be wondering what that separate box is next to the deck in the photo above. Well, it's an external power supply. Technics says that keeping the ultra-low-noise switching power supply apart from the platter helps suppress humming sounds and vibrations. Technics first introduced the SP10MK2 in 1975; back then it was the first direct-drive professional turntable on the pro market.

Like the SL-1200 reissue, this features a coreless direct-drive motor and will likely command an absurdly high price once it's released next summer. How much it'll cost wasn't revealed, but the SL-1200 was $4,000, and with all the boasting Technics is doing about sound quality you can expect the SP-10R to top that.

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