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Recommended Reading: Japan's eSports struggle

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Suzi Pratt via Getty Images
Suzi Pratt via Getty Images
Billy Steele
Billy Steele|September 2, 2017 12:30 PM

The Crazy Laws
Keeping Japanese
Out of Video
Game Competitions

Yuji Nakamura and
Takako Taniguchi,

Japan is a popular locale for video games, but laws are keeping eager players from participating in the eSports revolution. Bloomberg has the details on how regulations aimed at gambling and organized crime make paid gaming competitions impossible.

'Narcos' Is Even Better Without Pablo Escobar
Wes Jenkins, Complex

Narcos returned this week and Complex makes the case that it's even better without one of its main characters from the first two seasons.

Silicon Valley Is on a Quest to Grow the Perfect Diamond
Tom Vanderbuilt, Wired UK

You've heard of lab-grown meat and a number of other things, but lab-grown diamonds? A Silicon Valley startup can make them in two weeks.

What Did 'Game of Thrones' Accomplish This Year?
David Sims, Lenika Cruz, and Megan Garber,
The Atlantic

Now that season 7 is complete, it's time to discuss the merits of what we've just seen. Allow The Atlantic's round table chat to do just that. And, yes, of course there are spoilers.

The 'Death Note' Movie Dims Its Source Material by Turning Its Protagonist Into the Good Guy
Justin Charity, The Ringer

The reviews of Netflix's Death Note haven't been too good and The Ringer offers an explanation as to what went wrong.

Recommended Reading: Japan's eSports struggle