Moleskine planner syncs your handwritten schedule with the cloud

You don't have to give up your fondness for paper in the internet era.

As helpful as online calendars can be, it's hard to give up the satisfying feel of jotting down appointments in an old-school planner. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use a pen and paper while still having all the benefits of the internet era? Moleskine sure thinks so. The company is expanding its connected writing sets with the Smart Planner, which syncs your hand-written schedule entries with Google Calendar and services that tie into it, such as Apple's iCloud and Microsoft Outlook. It combines a Neo Smartpen with sensor-laden paper to send your meetings to the appropriate sections of the calendar -- so long as you scribble the time and subject, you can check it later on your phone or PC.

The Smart Planner will be available internationally on September 12th. It'll cost $199 to get started with both the pen and a planner, while the planners by themselves will sell for $29. That's not trivial, but it's inexpensive enough that you could likely justify getting replacements every year. No matter what, this is likely your best shot at keeping your Moleskine relevant in an increasingly paperless era.