You'll look like 'Robocop' with this smart cycling helmet

Livall's BH51 is designed for commuters who want a safe and stylish head gear.

Bike helmets should be about safety first and foremost, but that doesn't mean you can't rock one that's also stylish. Livall's BH51, introduced at IFA 2017, is exactly that. This cycling helmet is designed to protect your head whilst offering a sleek commuter design, enhanced by a strip of bright red LEDs on the back that you can light up every time you break or turn -- they are controlled through a remote on the handlebar. Aside from that, the BH51 can pair with your phone via Bluetooth, making it possible to take calls or listen to music directly from the helmet. With the stereo speakers, you can get your audio fix and be able to pay attention to the outside world simultaneously.f

Best of all, you'll look straight out of Robocop or Tron wearing it -- and you know how much you want that. The BH51 will be available in the "willow green" color pictured above, as well as three others: "graphite black," "sandstone grey," and "misty blue." If you can see yourself in one of these, Livall says it'll hit its online store and Amazon in November for around $150.

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