Logitech is bringing back the trackball mouse

But did it ever really leave our hearts?

Logitech is going back to reinventing the trackball mouse. The MX ERGO apparently marks the company's first new trackball in almost ten years, pairing a more subtler color scheme with an adjustable hinge for better wrist posture and pronation. This means that unlike the MX ERGO's wide-bodied predecessors, you shouldn't get so much hand cramp -- or at least that's the sales pitch. Cursor speed and accuracy can be changed with a button-press, while the wireless mouse should work up to four months on a full charge, with a fast-charge option to ensure you make it through an entire day with as little as a minute of charging.

Logitech is turning back to analog input: its latest keyboard channels some Microsoft Dial vibes to the traditional key layout. Its mouse, however, looks to the past for its inspiration.

While I'm not sure how I feel about a trackball that isn't dressed up in stupidly loud shades, the Logitech MX ERGO launches this month for $100, while Best Buy shoppers will be able to pick up the MX ERGO Plus -- a limited-edition version that includes an extra 30-degree wedge for even creakier wrists.