Best Buy pulls Kaspersky's antivirus software from its shelves

Kaspersky said the two have 'suspended' their business relationship.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Amid growing concern/speculation/hysteria that Kaspersky Lab products could be tied to the Russian government, retailer Best Buy has stopped selling its antivirus. Minnesota's StarTribune first reported the move, citing a source who said that the company felt there are "too many unanswered questions" after conducting its own investigation. There's no word on what those questions are, or why Kaspersky's offer to share its source code isn't enough to prove there's no backdoor, and the company hasn't spoken about the move beyond confirming the report. In a tweet, Kaspersky noted its products are available through other retailers and said that while its relationship with Best Buy is suspended, it "may be re-evaluated in the future."