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Disney Movies Anywhere drops Microsoft as a partner

You can still stream previous purchases on the app, though.

Disney has recently sent out emails to its Movies Anywhere users telling them that the service no longer supports Microsoft's Movies and TV store. The Movies Anywhere app gives you a way to stream all the Disney movies you've purchased, so long as you bought them from partner outlets like Amazon and iTunes. And by "Disney movies," we're not only talking about the House of Mouse's princess flicks -- they also include Pixar and Marvel films. Unfortunately, if you enjoy having access to all your Disney flicks in one place, you'll need to skip Microsoft when deciding on the store to buy from.

Here's a sample email from the company, though you might have already read it if you've synced your Microsoft account with the service.

[Image credit: Windows Central]

Disney didn't give a reason for dropping Microsoft as a partner. As you can see though, while you can't access your future purchases on the app anymore, you can still stream all your previous ones. Considering you've got several other choices, Microsoft's exit probably won't have a huge effect on how you use Disney's Movies Anywhere service. You know what might change your Movies Anywhere habit, though? The House of Mouse's upcoming streaming service. Disney will pull its titles, including Marvel and Star Wars films, from other services like Netflix to put them all in its own streaming platform slated to launch in 2019.