Apple's AirPower tech wirelessly charges multiple devices at once

The charger won't be ready until 2018, however.

Apple isn't just adding Qi wireless charging to its latest iPhones; it's trotting out a charging standard of its own. AirPower is built in partnership with Qi, but can top up multiple devices at once. At the September 12th presentation, Apple illustrated AirPower topping up an iPhone X, an Apple Watch and AirPods (with a new charging case) all at once. That's more than a little handy if you're traveling and would rather not lug around multiple adapters and cables. However, you'll have to wait to try it out.

The company's own charger won't arrive until sometime in 2018, you see. As such, you'll have to use "old-fashioned" Qi chargers from third parties in the meantime. Also, it remains to be seen whether or not AirPower will get wide adoption beyond Apple itself. The wait isn't a huge deal for most people (the odds are the phone is the only wireless charging device you have), but it's clear that AirPower is currently more of a nice idea than a practical reality.

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