Belkin and Mophie offer wireless charging pads for the new iPhones

Or any Qi-capable phone, really.

Now that Apple is suddenly a fan of wireless phone charging, iPhone-oriented charging pads are coming out of the woodwork: Belkin and Mophie have announced their own peripherals, the Boost Up and Wireless Charging Base. Both use Qi to top up your iPhone 8 or iPhone X minus wires, supplying up to 7.5W whether or not you have a case on your handset. The differences really come down to personal preference. The Belkin device (on the left) is larger and has an LED indicator to let you know when charging starts, while the Mophie model is more compact.

The Boost Up will arrive first, hitting stores (including Apple's) on September 15th for $60. Wait until September 20th and you can get the Wireless Charging Base for a similar price.

As you might have surmised, you don't need an iPhone to make use of these pads. Any Qi-compatible device that needs 7.5W or less of power should work, so you could plunk your Galaxy Note 8 on either of these if you want. Likewise, you don't need these pads to recharge your iPhone -- virtually any Qi pad should do. More than anything, these peripherals are about convenience for iPhone owners. You can walk out of the Apple Store with a wireless charger ready to go when you get home. Until Apple's own AirPower technology hits store shelves, you probably won't find a truly iPhone-optimized charging pad.

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