Essential Phone goes on sale in Sprint stores September 14th

Android co-creator's first post-Google phone is available to buy from the carrier tomorrow.


Sprint stores opened up preorders for the Essential PH-1 last month. Given it's the exclusive carrier for the smartphone, Sprint is the only choice for those opting for contract deals instead of paying full price for an unlocked device. If you didn't buy early, don't worry: You can purchase the PH-1 from the carrier at its stores, online or by phone tomorrow.

We liked what we saw from Android co-founder Andy Rubin's PH-1, but there's enough little flaws to potentially nudge folks back toward more tried-and-true smartphones that also run Google's mobile OS. Sprint only pre-installed the My Sprint and Tidal apps on its phones, which we found to be refreshingly spartan compared to the bloatware stuffed in by most carriers.