Google Earth VR gets new Street View images

A new update brings additional images from 85 countries.

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Google announced today that it's adding Street View to the Google Earth VR experience. With a new update, users can check out Street View images from 85 countries provided by the Street View team as well as pictures shared by others from around the world. To get there, while in Earth VR, zoom down closer to the street level and see if your controller says there's Street View imagery available. If so, you can then view the area within a 360 degree photo.

In a blog post today, Google suggested a couple of places to check out -- San Francisco's AT&T Park and the region of Croatia where Game of Thrones' King's Landing was filmed. The update is available today and users can experience it on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Street View VR can also be viewed on a phone via the Street View app for Daydream and Cardboard.

Correction: An earlier version of this post said that users could experience Street View in Google Earth VR with Daydream and Cardboard, but only Street View VR can be viewed through those options.

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Google Earth VR gets new Street View images