GoPro's Hero6 camera may feature 4K 60 FPS recording

If early retail packaging is to be believed.

GoPro is inching toward profitability, and its new Hero6 Black might finally bring the action-cam maker into the black. Spotted by a Photo Rumors reader, the camera will apparently capture 4K 60 FPS video (the Hero5 was 4K 30 FPS) from its 12 megapixel sensor. That's according to a photo of what looks like final retail packaging. Other than that, there are about as many new details as there were when CEO Nick Woodman confirmed the Hero6's existence in February.

But, it looks like the new unit will retain the Hero5's design, so your collection of accessories will work once this supposedly is released near month's end. The real question here will be one of price. Competitor Yi's 4K camera captures UHD resolution at 60 FPS too, and for $340. GoPro's Hero5 currently sells for $400 on Amazon.