Microsoft is holding a Mixed Reality event on October 3rd

Expect to see VR headsets and the experiences that go with them.


In case it wasn't already clear that Microsoft is big on the concept of mixed reality (read: augmented and virtual reality), the company is about to drive the point home. It's inviting the media to a Windows Mixed Reality event in San Francisco on October 3rd, and it promises that you'll see "where Microsoft is headed next" in the wearable technology space. For the most part, this will revolve around the plethora of WMR headsets arriving on October 17th alongside Windows 10's Fall Creators Update. We'd expect Microsoft to highlight games and other software experiences that take advantage of the hardware, too.

An event like this isn't surprising. For Microsoft, Windows Mixed Reality is its big chance at controlling the future of headset technology, particularly VR -- it's no doubt worried that Oculus, HTC or another third-party might dominate the industry. Even if the presentation doesn't include any earth-shaking announcements, it'll indicate that Microsoft is serious about the field and intends to stay for the long haul.