Google wants to ensnare readers in its iOS search app

Google: 'Stay in our search machine and never leave, please.'

If you want to dive deeply into a particular topic, consider using Google's app for iOS instead of your other browsers. The big G has made it much quicker to find and explore articles and other content related to what you're looking at by adding suggestions at the bottom of page. Say, you're reading one of our CRISPR or Cassini posts: when you're done and scroll back up, a panel will pop up from the bottom with cards that link to related pieces marked "People Also View." The cards could lead to Wikipedia articles about the genome-editing technique or the Saturn probe, they could link to NASA pages, scientific studies -- anything related to the topic, really.

This sample shows it in action while on Mars Curiosity rover's Wikipedia page:

The feature is now out as part of the app's latest iOS update, but unfortunately, only in the US. If you also want to spend an inordinate amount of time in its search app, though, don't worry: Google promises to make it available in other languages and other countries in the future.