Hilton Honors members can spend their points on Amazon

The first hotel chain to let its rewards members spend points on the online shopping titan.


Folks in the Hilton Honors reward program have a new reason to hoard points: They can now pay with them when shopping on Amazon. Not for everything, mind you, as most digital content (Kindle downloads, music, Amazon Video, and so on) are off-limits. But you can spend your Hilton Honors points on the rest of your oddball needs and late-night purchases.

Users need only sign in to their Amazon Account, click 'Shop With Points' and choose Hilton Honors. The full list of un-buyable items is up on the FAQ page, as well as the conversion rate (500 Honors points equals one dollar). Finally, Hilton rewards customers must subject themselves to one more hurdle: You can't use 'one click' buying when shopping with points.