Lyft offers 400 scholarships for online self-driving car course

The scholarships target communities 'underrepresented in technology' in the US.

Online learning portal Udacity launched its first 36-week "nanodegree" course for self-driving car engineering last year. There's a new, introductory course available now as well, focused on bringing students with minimal programming into the larger program. Even better, Udacity has partnered with Lyft (which has self-driving plans of its own) to provide scholarships to the intro course in order to increase diversity to the program. 400 scholarships are available to US-based students with "varying levels of experience;" the application window closes October 1st.

Lyft says that people "from all backgrounds and perspectives" should have the opportunity to contribute to the future of transportation in the form of self-driving cars. "Diversity is crucial for creating solutions that serve everyone, and ridesharing is for everyone," the company writes on its website. "That's why these scholarships will specifically target communities that are underrepresented in technology in the US."

In addition, Lyft will provide mentorship opportunities through its lyf, which is where the company houses its self-driving division. The nanodegree itself will cover topics like "machine learning, object-oriented programming and probabilistic robotics."

Of course, if self-driving cars aren't your thing, you can always enroll in Udacity's new Flying Car nanodegree (which really focuses more on drones than actual airborne autos).