TripIt will keep your shared travel plans updated in iMessage

The app even provides real-time flight times for premium members.

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Saqib Shah
September 19th, 2017

After giving its travel organization app a tidy makeover for iOS and Android last year, TripIt is back with another update. This time it's focussing on iPhone messaging. With the arrival of iOS 11, TripIt for iMessage can now update your shared itinerary plans to account for any changes. That includes real-time flight info for TripIt Pro users (which costs $49 per year).

Whether you change a hotel booking at the last minute or add more guests to your dinner reservation, the app will ensure people in the conversation stay on top of your plans. What's more, all the info is automatically refreshed, meaning your friends and family needn't leave iMessage to keep up with you. Flight info tracking in particular is a boon for frequent travellers.

Users can send all or part of their info via iMessage. But, keep in mind that all parties must have the app downloaded in order to access the itinerary.

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