Pinterest's Lens tech powers Target's visual search tool

Here’s hoping you find something worth pinning.

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Rob LeFebvre
September 25th, 2017
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Pinterest gave us all access to its Lens tool last March. In May, the company added some new foodie options, including a way to find recipes based on photos of your meal. It's basically a reverse image search that helps you shop for stuff you see on the crafty network. Lens has been pretty successful, too — so much so that Pinterest made Lens as important as Search in its mobile app. Now the company is expanding its visual search tool wia an exclusive partnership with tech-savvy retailer Target.

First, you'll see the Lens-style visual search integrated into the Target registry system, and then it will show up in the main Target app itself. Taking a picture of something you want will lead to a connection with Target, which can then fulfill your retail needs via online or brick and mortar stores. "This Pinterest partnership quite literally helps us shorten the distance from when our guests have an idea to when they're ready to make a purchase," said Target's Rick Gomez in a statement. He also notes that Target can take a look at what people are searching for via the new visual search tool and then plan to carry styles and products that people actually want to buy.

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