Amazon brings voice control to Hulu and other video apps on Fire TV

Alexa will soon control playback for your service of choice.

You can already use Alexa voice commands to steer some video playback on a Fire TV, but Amazon is about to throw the doors wide open. It just unveiled a slew of partners that will use the Video Skills Kit to add Alexa support to their video apps, and these are definitely companies you'll recognize: Hulu, PlayStation Vue, CBS All Access, Bravo, Showtime and multiple NBC apps will all take spoken playback commands. You might not have to lift a finger to skip backwards in The Handmaid's Tale or switch live channels in Vue.

Amazon will only say that support is "coming soon," but Hulu has narrowed its timeframe down to sometime this fall.

It wasn't hard to see this coming given the existence of Video Skills in the first place, but it's still welcome news. Although Amazon is already welcoming of video services beyond its own, this gives them first-class treatment. You don't have to subscribe to Prime Video or a handful of other services just to see Alexa flex its muscles.