'Eve: Valkyrie' drops the VR requirement

Welcome to 'Warzone,' pilots.

If what's been holding you back from playing Eve: Valkyrie has been the lack of a VR headset, that (very valid) reason has disappeared. In addition to the new subtitle, Warzone, there's a new capture the flag gametype, new ships, ultra abilities and customizations for said ships and a pair of new maps. And, of course, now you can play the game on PC or PlayStation 4 sans an expensive and bulky virtual reality display hanging from your face.

All in all, it sounds like with this expansion, Valkyrie is actually a game versus the slightly deeper-than-average tech demo that launched on Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR last year. The game is available today for $30 on the PlayStation Store, Steam and Oculus Home, and the Warzone update is free for everyone who already owns Valkyrie. Best of all, you'll be able to play against everyone regardless of platform. Enjoy it now before a possible Xbox port happens and Sony pulls its typical "cross-platform play isn't safe for our users" card.