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Anker crammed a projector into a soda can-sized smart speaker

A portable home theater device that doubles as a regular ol' Bluetooth speaker.

While every CES brings a new set of smaller and smarter devices, the age of the mobile projector hasn't quite arrived. But gadget company Anker's Nebula Capsule, launched today on Indiegogo, makes a strong argument by bundling a speaker and Bluetooth connectability in to the visual package. Even if you aren't binging TV or showing a film, you can still link it to your phone to play tunes. And if you're swayed by popular opinion, give the Nebula a look: Its crowdfunding campaign went live today and it's already raised over $140,000 as of publication.

The Nebula supposedly packs a lot in a tiny (soda can-size) package: Five speakers that project omnidirectional sound and a projector, with battery life claims of 2.5 hours displaying video or 40 hours playing music. It runs Android 7.0 out of the box, meaning you can load up all your Netflix or HBO apps and play from there. Or you can play content from another device wirelessly over Bluetooth or WiFi (connecting with AirPlay and Miracast) or via HDMI and USB ports.

With a native resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, the Nebula is no replacement for an HD or 4K screen, but its portability and brightness (press materials claim 100 ANSI lumens) make it a potentially great home theater choice. Plus, Anker is a known brand in gadgetry, most recently announcing its cheaper Echo-like Genie digital assistant last month. Best of all, the Nebula's crowdfunding page claims they'll start shipping Nebulas this December. The starting $200 deals have already sold out, but you can still get one for $250, a bit off the planned sticker price of $350, which gives you the speaker, a remote, cable and a wall charger.