Google Play matches Apple’s $20 price for select 4K titles

Amazon also lowered their prices yesterday.

Two weeks ago, Apple announced that 4K HDR titles would be available in the iTunes store to go along with the 4K Apple TV. Ultra HD movies were priced at just $20, which led Amazon to recently follow suit. And now Google has done the same -- select 4K movies in the Play store are priced at $20.

We reached out to Google for comment, and they confirmed that the price change is new. A representative stated, "We always look to offer consumers competitive pricing on Google Play and have been working closely with our studio partners to do so." It makes sense that they'd move to match Apple's and Amazon's pricing.

Google introduced the 4K compatible Chromecast Ultra last November and added 4K media to its Play Store in December. To see Google Play's current Ultra HD offerings, you can simply input "4K movies" into the store's search box.