You can now assign Google Home speakers to specific rooms

It's coming just as Google is launching multiple Home speakers.

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Now that Google is poised to have multiple Home speakers in its lineup, you're going to need a better way to manage those speakers -- and thankfully, it's already here. Google has revamped the Home app with not only a fresh look, but support for assigning speakers to specific rooms. The tweak should make it easier to control specific speakers and even whole environments. If you want to stop music playback in the bedroom at the same time as you shut off the lights, you can issue a single command to do it all.

The concept of assigning speakers to rooms certainly isn't new -- it's a cornerstone of the Sonos experience. For Google, however, it's important as Home evolves into a larger product family. Although you certainly weren't forced to use one Home speaker before, it's now crucial that Google knows just which device you're referring to. Room names make that easy, especially when you're creating speaker groups to produce stronger, room-filling sound.

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